Fairy Door Tours Saskatoon now offers an indoor Daycare Package to bring warmth and magic to children during those cold or messy days.

During our Daycare Tour, we take part in activities such crafts, house and door tours, Storytime and, our magical Fairy Post (so the kids can post letters to the Fairies:)

We bring the Magic to you!

Daycare Packages, Fairy Door Tours Saskatoon

What's Included?

- up to 35 person group
* fees would be adjusted for additional members, and, may result in a 2nd group booking
* 2nd group bookings can be booked consecutively
- $125 per Tour
- Duration is usually 45 to 60 minutes

- Introduction of Magical Creatures (5 different species)
- Craft Time (children can choose to build a Door or Wand; supplies are provided)
- Presentation of Doors & Mini-House Tour (creatures homes)
- Storytime (A motivational Tale that ignites childrens' imagination and love of nature)
- Fairy Post (children can write or draw a message to the Fairies through our Magical Mailbox)
Daycare Packages, Fairy Door Tours Saskatoon

Currently booking for WEDNESDAYS each week.
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